Overseas Employment Processing & Operations

The contracts is signed with the principal and as soon as we received  demand order and Power of Attorney the processing starts.

In our date server the enlisted applicants are sorted for the required specific job/trade if the requirement is not met with the set standards of the principal we advertise the demand in the major newspaper of Pakistan. Candidates are called in for the interviews and oral trade evaluation . The short listed candidates are called for the trade test which is taken at the certified and top grade institution of Pakistan

Medical tests are conducted strictly and only at the hospital approved and certified by the relevant Embassy. Meanwhile the list of the selected candidates is given to the principal for their analysis and approval.

Endorsement of the visa is taken up after medical test results and after visa endorsement the flight information is given to the Principal and the documents are submitted for protector of emigrants

latter on flight is reconfirmed to the principal after protector of emigrant’s clearance than the candidates are called for pre-dispatch orientation and briefing by the General Manager.

Yet another time the line of action and duty is briefed before the recruited candidates are dispatched as per the flight schedule. This whole procedure of processing i.e from demand to dispatch take place between four to five weeks.